Imroze Khan

DBT/Wellcome Trust India Alliance Intermediate Fellow

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“First and foremost, I am a teacher; lover of food, music and history. I am also an evolutionary biologist who is broadly interested in understanding how organisms adaptively evolve against/with infection and disease, using experimental evolution, genetics and genomics as primary tools :)”

Lab members

Basabi Bagchi, Srijan Seal (RC Lewontin Early Awardee by SSE) , Saubhik Sarkar, Biswajit Shit and Devshuvam Banerje are spearheading major projects in the lab! They who keep the lab going… 

Shashwat, Shreya and Manasven are Undergraduate Research Interns from Ashoka University who not only drive various new projects on ecology and evolution of infection spread and disease, they have been instrumental in bringing new ideas to the lab! Great Job Guys!

Arun Prakash is my long-term accomplice in various experiments since 2014. He is now a PhD student at U Edinburgh and collaborating with me in my various ongoing projects on “Role of insect antimicrobial peptides in immune priming and aging of immune responses”! Way to go Arun

Arun Prakash, PhD Student, University of Edinburgh, Email:

Lab Alumni

It was great having all of you in the lab! Good Luck guys

Summer Interns


Devshuvam Banerji, Shashwat Goyal, Shreya Verma, Bhavya Duggar, Yajushi Khurana, Manasven Raina